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We hebben een mooie explanimation ontwikkeld voor PETS.

Zie hier het script:

It’s a fascinating industry that we’re in.
The world around us is changing at an incredible speed,
in a whirlwind of new developments and consumer demands.
Yet, our pets stay the same.
In order to ensure continuous growth
we need to invest in knowledge and experience.
We need to challenge ourselves,
our employees,
and each other
to acquire the knowledgewe all need
while pushing our industry forward.
GlobalPETS presents:
GlobalPETS Academy.
A global educational platform.
An e-learning platform.
A platform where professionals can increase their knowledge
and learn from industry experts.
So that businesses can assemble the best possible team
to drive them forward.
Rather than reinventing the wheel
and over again.
GlobalPETS Academy: the place to learn, grow and excel.

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