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Trefwoorden: Animatiebedrijf, animatiestudio, explanimation, bedrijfsanimatie, uitleg animatie.

Voor MT-Company ontwikkelden wij deze uitleganimatie (explanimation). Met deze software wordt het makkelijker om snel online tekst te lezen en te onthouden. We moeten erg veel lezen op een dag, dus deze software is erg waardevol.


We all have to read a lot of information at our job… Emails, blogs, memos, attachments and more.

We read too slow just to keep up. The result is that we only read half of the documents and are obviously missing valuable information. This could negatively affect our business.

The products that are currently available won’t help will that. PDF readers and browsers just present the information, but we still need to process all the information ourself. Why?

We are going to change that!
We developed software that optimize the reading process for you.

Our software guides your eyes during reading, much like a karaoke song. The result is that you instantly read much faster and have a better understanding of the text.

You don’t need to train it; our software does it all for you.

We also make it easy to analyse the information. You can easly highlight information and add comments.

And after reading we give you a automatic summary of the article you just read. This makes it easier to remember it and share the most important points with colleagues and friends.

It makes life a little bit easier.

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Hieronder vind je de schets en de illustraties voor dit project:

Explanimation schets MT-Company

Explanimation Storyboard MT-Company